The 1st Meeting of China-SCC Was Held in Guangzhou



The first meeting of China Society of Cosmetic Chemists (China-SCC) was successfully held in Guangzhou Jianguo Hotel on 15th, July, 2015. It was a great honor for the committee to invite Chairman from International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists. (IFSCC), Mrs. Claudie WILLENMIN to attend. At the meeting, she introduced the history, the current situation and future of IFSCC and gave her greeting and support to the meeting, hoping that China-SCC would soon join IFSCC for further communication and academic research.

So what’s China-SCC? What are the main objectives of China-SCC? Why China-SCC needs to join IFSCC? What is the content of this meeting? What’s the big news or heated topic of this meeting? What’s the application requirement of this society? Let’s share all this information with you by going through the assembly details:


What is China-SCC?
Actually,in full,【China-SCC】China Society of Cosmetic Chemists, is a science and technology professional organization led by All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce Beauty Culture & Cosmetics Chamber (China CBC). This national-wide society consists of volunteering chemists and technicians who are dedicated in cosmetic related industries, including R&D, manufacturing, sales & marketing and so on. Besides it’s also the only organization that focuses on cosmetic technology and R&D. The professional committee was officially established in Great Hall of the People in Beijing on 6th July 2015.  
What are the main objectives of the China-SCC?


– Facilitate the development of China cosmetic industry, encouraging research & development (R&D) and technology innovation.
– Provide a platform for local and foreign chemists to exchange cosmetic insights with each other 
– Arrange and organize academic activities that help to improve social status of local cosmetic industry
– Develop cosmetic chemists training programs and academic education programs that help to build up better industry ethics
– Encourage and promote cosmetology and related education and research, publicize and advertise cosmetic related technical literature
– Build up strong connection with IFSCC to perform better communication and increase the level of China cosmetic industry as well as the status of China chemists.


What was the agenda of the meeting?

The meeting was divided into five sections. First, the secretary general of HKSCC, Mr. Albert Leung gave his greeting to all the participants, encouraging elites in cosmetic industry to endeavor to establish China-SCC and the development of cosmetic science. Then IFSCC Chairman, Ms. Claudie WILLENMIN and IFSCC PR Committee Mr. Simon Chan together introduced the history and present situation of IFSCC, future prospects of IFSCC , and welcome China-SCC joined IFSCC (established in 1956 in Paris, IFSCC now has 45 member societies with more than 14,000 members). In the third section, representative of the IFSCC benefactor program, Mr Ye Hankun from Qiao Di Company, shared his experience and willing heart to contribute to China cosmetic science. After the coffee break, director of cosmetic professional committee, Mr. Zheng Weidong discussed the structure and plans of China-SCC. While in the fourth section, Mr. Zheng pointed out the detail information of committee of China-SCC includes, goals and objectives, responsibilities and authorities, election and recall of organization, classification, responsibilities and authorities of members, procedures of membership joining, quitting, extension and so on. Last but not least, deputy director of GFDA Mr. Guo Changmao gave a speech on policy tendency and showed government’s full support for cosmetic industry.

80 participants from university professors, government officers and industry elites attended the assembly. There were also representatives from 58 companies and famous universities like China-Huanya, 3INS, Qdsuh, CHANTS, Ba Wang, Dong Fang, Wenya, Lonkey, Danqi, Mentholatum, Shanghai SASA, Softto, Global Cosmetics, Nox Bellow, Hungchoy, Mingfai, Mannay, BASF, Sethic , University of Hong Kong, South China University of Technology, Guangdong College of Pharmacy and Jinan University.


What are the application requirements?

Requirement 1:All engineers or reseachers personnel in the cosmetic industry who meet the requirements can apply according to different categories. 

Requirement 2:  Fill the application form and submit to the secretary office.

Thanks to all the support of Ms. Claudie WILLENMIN, sponsors: Guangzhou Qiaodi Co.,Ltd., San Hao Techonlogy Company, Guangzhou China Chants Cosmetics Co., Ltd and all the participants. China-SCC will absolutely enjoy a bright future because of all of you!